Mapping Multiple Homestead Exemption Claims

See where landlords are claiming more than one primary residence

The map shows where landlords are claiming more than one primary residence.

Zoom in on the map and mouse over dots to see property details.

About our methodology

CU-CitizenAccess evaluated property records received through an Illinois Freedom of Information Act request made to Champaign County Assessment Office.

The evaluation included matching property identification numbers against online tax records, and then grouping property records by the owner name in addition to claims made for homestead exemptions.

If an owner’s name appeared with more than one claim for a homestead exemption, it was included in the overall count. This produced a list of nearly 3,600 property owners claiming more than one exemption.

Properties frequently change ownership throughout the county, and some property records either contain slightly different spellings of an owner’s name, or a common name appearing for two separate people cold have been used, this method provides an estimation and not an exact count of multiple exemptions claimed.